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Buying Midyett Premium Rub is easy and fun.  The Rub is put on food, and you’ll eat it happily.  You buy it on the Internet (you are on the Internet right now), and it is shipped to your house.

Where do we ship?  Almost anywhere.  Australia, Japan, the Yukon…sure.  If you’re in the U.S., it’s even easier, and while we always wish shipping was cheaper, it’s still not that much considering a person brings it to your front door for you.

The Rub is—always—only sea salt, tellicherry pepper, sumac, dark coffee, Dutch process cocoa powder, and garlic powder.  No chemicals, no MSG, all natural greatness.  You will get it fresh, you will get it quickly, and you will be able to experience it in your life.

We offer Midyett Premium Rub in 8.75oz glass jars (well-padded).  We recommend starting with a jar for your home larder.  We also offer refill bags, which contain the same amount of Rub in a sealed bag (cheaper to ship hint hint). And...we have just added a smaller jar (3oz) that we call The Tester, in case you live in a tiny house or want one for your purse or aren't sure you'll consume the Rub as voraciously as you probably will.

Bulk quantity?  Wholesale inquiries?  Please ask us.

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