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* Midyett Premium Rub will soon be available at L&M Fine Foods at 4363 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago, Illinois. Ask for it by name! *

* Orders on this site will not be shipped between Sunday, June 21st and Sunday, July 5th! *

* You are welcome to order from us and wait, buy on Amazon while we have stock there, or stop by L&M if you are in Chicago. *

Buying Midyett Premium Rub is easy and fun. The Rub is put on food, and you’ll eat it happily. You buy it on the Internet (you are on the Internet right now), and it is shipped to your house.

We offer Midyett Premium Rub in 8.75oz glass jars or sealed kraft paper window bags.

Where do we ship? Almost anywhere. Australia, Japan, the Yukon…been done. Within the U.S., even easier.

Shipping within the U.S. and its territories is now a flat $7.99 for any quantity. Stocking up is advised!

The Rub is—always—only sea salt, tellicherry pepper, sumac, dark coffee, Dutch process cocoa powder, and garlic powder. No chemicals, no MSG, all natural greatness. You will get it fresh, you will get it quickly, and you will be able to experience it in your life.

Right now, we only accept PayPal online, but write us if you'd like to send a check or whatever. Wholesale inquiries? Please ask us.

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