Midyett Premium


Oh, people like this stuff, “stuff” being Midyett Premium Rub.

Don’t believe me?  Pffffff.  Just read what regular people—more like you than either you or they would like to admit—have to say about the delights of the Rub.

If you would like to testify yourself...please contact us.

I've been using your stuff like crazy [at Superiority Burger NYC]. I love it. It's really special.

— Brooks Headley, New York City

The best testimonial I could give is that Midyett Rub helped me convince quite a few people that I was actually pretty good at making food.

— Justin H, Columbus OH

Whenever we grill meat, I always suggest to use it and my wife generally agrees.

— Andy K, Edina MN

The Rub tastes great on corn of all kinds. I tried to simulate the rub from the online recipe before but got the balance completely off. Glad I ordered from the source. A+++ would order again.

— E.K.

I just wanted to let you know that I've never eaten so much steak! I ordered two jars of your fine product and gave one of them to my friend as a birthday gift. I've just re-ordered more rub in the very handy refill bag, as I've gone through my entire jar. Thanks so much!

— Bill S, Portland OR

The Rub is fantastic, and I deploy it as often as I can!

— Mike A

I want to let you know that in our continued love for your rub. We are constantly knocked out by what it brings to The Meat. We've used many times... on chicken, pork, steak...on the grill and even in a pan. Each time better than the last. The best one so far though was on two slabs of St. Louis ribs slow grilled indirectly over charcoal. We had some small roasted yellow potatoes that were steamed then roasted under a broiler with some nice organic salted butter... we then dusted the potatoes with your magical rub moments before serving... shook them up and lightly dusted again.. WOW! Thanks again for your high quality... looking forward to a grill-filled summer!

— Mark G, Chicago

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